CDS Kits > MM-51066-A Panasonic Semi-Rugged Laptop Basic Kit
Price: $2,848.00
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MM-51066-A Panasonic Semi-Rugged Laptop Basic Kit
The Panasonic Deluxe kit includes the latest semi-rugged Panasonic Toughbook computer. The Panasonic Semi-Rugged Basic kit includes what you need to perform fundamental diagnostic tests on modern Mercury Marine engines. Kit includes the current version of CDS software, SmartComms interface device, Quick Start Guide, Panasonic semi-rugged laptop, and a DB25 extension cable.
4, 1, CDS Diagnostic Software, 0
9, 1, Set-Up Guide, 0
66, 1, CDS Configured Panasonic Semi-Rugged Laptop, 0
8, 1, Soft-Sided Storage Case, 35.48
5, 1, SmartComms Interface Box, 249
7, 1, Engine Interface Extension Cable, 32