CDS Kits > MM-46943-B Panasonic Fully Rugged Deluxe Kit
Price: $6,694.00
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MM-46943-B Panasonic Fully Rugged Deluxe Kit

The Panasonic Deluxe kit includes the latest fully ruggedized Panasonic Toughbook computer with touchscreen. The deluxe kit also includes accessories that will maximize the power of CDS software.

Breakout Box - Used with guided diagnostics to make it easier to pinpoint circuit faults without compromising the wiring harness.
Multi-Meter - Mercury Marine approved multi-meter with all the functions a technician needs to accurately diagnose electrical circuits.The multimeter is critical when diagnosing electrical related issues with CDS. The meter contains an RS232 port to allow communication with the computer.
Test Probe Kit - Allows the technician to probe electrical connections without damaging the terminals.The Pin Probe Kit allows the user to access engine wiring harness terminals to make DVOM measurements without compromising the integrity of the connection or terminals. The individual Pin Probes are specifically called out during Guided Diagnostics.
Water Test Trigger Cable - Allows the technician to record data while operating the engine in real world conditions on the water. The Water Test Trigger Cable along with the SmartComms interface box allows the technician to record engine data and playback at a later time.

48, 46, CDS Diagnostic Software, 0
61, 46, Set-Up Guide, 0
47, 46, CDS Configured Panasonic Fully-Rugged Laptop, 3627.8
64, 46, External DVD/CDRW Drive – Only required with the Panasonic laptop, 243.98
5, 46, SmartComms Interface Box, 249
33, 46, Non-Isolated USB Adapter, 34.95
52, 46, Panasonic Laptop Keyboard Cover, 51.31
53, 46, Breakout Box, 595.06
36, 46, Multimeter, 486.39
71, 46, Loaded Volts Test Lead (incl. Alligator clips), 32.49
37, 46, Test Probe Kit, 191.92
38, 46, Water Test Trigger Cable, 55
39, 46, AC/DC Adapter, 63.25
58, 46, DC/DC Adapter (Panasonic Laptop) , 157.19
7, 46, Engine Interface Extension Cable, 32
60, 46, Hard-Sided Storage Case (Panasonic PC) , 0