Mercury Marine CDS Kit Accessory Matrix
The following outlines the accessories and service parts available for CDS. This is not a complete Bill of Materials for the kit, but rather a list of items that may be desireable for addition to a Basic kit or as a service item in the future.
Description Item Part Number MM-46943-B Panasonic Fully-Rugged Deluxe Kit MM-51067-A Panasonic Semi-Rugged Deluxe Kit MM-46248-A Panasonic Fully-Rugged Basic Kit MM-51066-A Panasonic Semi-Rugged Basic Kit MM-46941-B Basic Kit
Panasonic Fully Ruggedized Laptop MM-48580-A X X
Panasonic Semi Ruggedized Laptop MM-51068-A X X
SmartComms Interface Box (Does not include USB adapter) MM-46944 X X X X X
DB25 Cable MM-47091 X X X X X
Breakout Box MM-46225 X X
Multimeter MM-46950 X X
Non-Isolated USB Adapter (For Multimeter) MM-47095-A X X
Isolated USB Adapter (For SmartComms) MM-50842 X X X X X
Jerk Stopper Cable Retention Device MM-50970 X X X X X
Test Probe Kit MM-46523 X X
Water Test Trigger Cable MM-46952 X X
Loaded Volts Test Lead MM-47096 X X
AC/DC Adapter (For SmartComms) MM-46953 X X
DC/DC Adapter (Panasonic) MM-46361 X X
Soft-Sided Storage Case MM-47090 X X
Panasonic Hard-Sided Storage Case MM-46947-PAN X X
Optional - Diagnostic Cart MM-48976
Optional - External DVD Drive MM-47093