Mercury Marine FAQ's
1. Why is the Quicksilver (DDT) Scan tool being replaced?

There are two main reasons.  First: the DDT is being phased out of production by the supplier. There are limited amounts of the DDT available at this time. Second: The processor inside the DDT is older technology and limited in its communications speed. With the migration to the Control Area Network (CAN) on the newer products, the DDT can only read filtered communications from the ECM, not real-time communications on the CAN bus.
2. Will I still be able to use my DDT scan tool?

Yes. You will still be able to use your DDT Scan Tool on older products and some current production engines. Use on future products will be limited. Additional cartridge releases for the DDT will not be available.
3. Does the CDS communicate with legacy product?

Yes. The CDS communicates with all legacy ECO's.
4. What are the major components of the CDS system?

The CDS system consists of a laptop computer using the Windows XP operating system and a SmartComms interface box. The interface box allows the computer to communicate with the ECM on the engine. Other components are available and explained in the advertising literature.
5. Will I need new cables to connect the CDS system to the engine?

The current DDT cables connect directly onto the SmartComms interface box and work with the CDS system. Of course, newer products may require the purchase of additional cables. Every attempt is being made to use the existing cables.
6. What is the warranty on the CDS system?

The CDS kits are covered by a three year warranty. Panasonic and Dell™ laptops are also covered for three years. Please refer to the manufacturer for additional information.
7. Can I load other software onto the CDS laptop?

Yes, the system is not locked down. Please note that this is done at your own risk. We support the standard configuration and setup. A recovery disk is supplied with the CDS system that will return the unit back to the original setup, any additional data will be lost.
8. Who do I call for technical assistance?

For technical assistance with the CDS software contact 1-800-345-2233 -Option #2, between the hours of 8:00-8:00 E.S.T.
9. What is the difference between the Basic and Deluxe kits?

The Basic kits allow the technician to perform fundamental diagnostic tests. The Deluxe kits contain hardware that will maximize the CDS software. The technician will be able to perform manual even triggering during water tests, guided diagnostics with the use of a breakout box and multimeter functions.The pin-probe kit s allows you to test and isolate wiring systems issues without damaging connectors or harnesses.
10. How will the CDS software be updated?

Based on the file size, the CDS software will be updated with a new DVD or by FTP download.
11. Can I purchase the CDS software and load it on my own PC?

Yes. CDS can be loaded onto any PC but the software has only been validated and approved to work on either the Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 or Dell™ Latitude™ laptops. Loading CDS software on other hardware may create driver configurations and other conflicts preventing CDS and possibly other applications from working properly. Please contact 1-800-345-2233 Option #2 for additional information.